Claudia Buchanan's

Blue Ribbon

Transparency Design

Barb McNeill's 

90+ Peony

Ada Lynn Schrewsbury's


Traditional Mass Design

Claudia Buchanan's

90+ Peony

Carol Ohrn's

Blue Ribbon


Illinois Winners


Design Class1:  Traditional Mass Design:   Ada Lynn Shrewsbury (90+) – Springfield Civic Garden Club

Design Class 4:  Transparency:  Claudia Buchanan (Blue Ribbon) – Garden Club of Kewanee



Section B:  Flowering Perennials

Class 12:  Carol Ohrn (Blue Ribbon) Clematis ‘Elisa Spaeth’; Rolling Meadows Garden Club

Class 38a:  Barbara McNeil (90+) Paeonia; Grayslake Greenery Garden Club

Class 38b:  Claudia Buchanan (90+) Paeonia ostii;  Garden Club of Kewanee


Other Garden Clubs of Illinois exhibitors in Design, Horticulture, and/or Botanical Arts Divisions who didn’t get to the 90+ level:

(Claudia and Ada Lynn entered more classes but didn’t get to the 90+ level.)

Karen Blankenship, Springfield Civic Garden Club 

Christine Ramirez-Campbell, Springfield Civic Garden Club

Phyllis Steinhour, Springfield Civic Garden Club





Anita Bierbaum, South Barrington Garden Club

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