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Click on buttons below to view winning entries for the 2023 annual meeting.


Flower Show Achievement Awards (#1-8),Yearbooks (#60), and Publication awards

(#81, #82, #83) should be mailed.  


Club Achievement (#62), Club Horticulture (#63) may be mailed or sent digitally

as a PDF.


All other awards MUST BE emailed as a PDF for 2021.

Illinois wins $500 for the NGC Award of Excellence for State Garden Clubs,  Well done to all who helped make this happen!!



Awards Guide

When  submitting a 3 page award application,

please follow the format of the document below

While it is not mandatory that you include the GCI Conservation Pledge in your yearbook, please make sure that you use the current one if you do.


Conservation Pledge


I pledge to uphold the principles

of the Garden Clubs of Illinois -

the beautification of our state,

kept void of litter,

the protection of all wildlife

and the conservation of its natural resources for present and future generations.

To make things easier, we have broken the Awards Guide into divisions below. 

Print the whole (above) or parts of it (below).

Click the buttons at the right
to learn about other award opportunities.

National Awards
National awards must be submitted by State Awards Chairmen.  State winners will be forwarded to National when awards meet NGC requirements

Regional Awards.
Clubs must submit regional awards themselves. Please check their award deadlines as they differ from our state awards.

Awards for work accomplished in the 2022 calendar year will be presented at the April 2023 State Convention and Central Region Awards will be announced at the Central Region Meeting in Autumn 2022. Changes in National Awards will be printed in the Fall National Gardener. Updates to  State & National Awards will be sent to all Club Presidents. All GCI award applications must bear a postmark on or before the due date. Except for awards designating "Book of Evidence" or other specific submission requirements most awards MUST be on 3 pages on 1 side only. The Award Application Cover Sheet is not counted as one of the 3 pages.

Questions should be addressed to David Robson, GCI Awards Chairman., Telephone 217-787-7571 or mail him at 1515 West Fayette Avenue, Springfield, IL 62704.

Award Forms - Click links below.

GCI Award Application Form - 2018 (at top of page)  REQUIRED FOR ALL AWARD APPLICATIONS
Club Achievement Award # 62 - 2018
Club Horticulture Award   # 63 - 2018

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