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Design Types

Angular Design

A creative design emphasizing strong angles that may be acute, obtuse, reflex, right angles or a combination of angles.

Angular, Diane G.png

Diane Greenawalt's Blue Ribbon entry

for the 2022 GCI Flower Show.

Multi-Rhythmic Design

A creative design with two or more separate rhythms with one rhythm dominating.

1. Lines create two or more separate rhythms each one creating a different movement and pattern from the other.from the other.

2. Lines may go in any direction, be continuous, interrupted and/or crossed,

Multi-Rhythmic Tori.png

Tori Corkery's Blue Ribbon Design

for the 2022 GCI Flower show

Duo Design

A creative design organized in one container or containers joined to appear as one.

1.Organized as two designs back to back and entered in two design classes with the schedule specifying both class titles.

2.Each side appears as a distinctly different design.

Glenda Whulfshon's Duo Design.jpg
Glenda Wulfshon's duo Design 2.jpg

Glenda Wulfsohn's Duo Design

October 2020 Judges Council

Design Challenge

Exhibition Table


An artistic arrangement of decorative unit or plant material and dining components staged with no consideration for functionality. 

Gerry Ford's

Table Artistry Award Winner

Functional Table


An exhibit planned and set for actual service of food, capable of functioning for dining as displayed.  Exhibits must contain a decorative unit and typically include dishes, beverage containers, table covering(s) and napkins.

Lori Gangloff's Award Winner

 GCI Miniature Flower Show

Luminary Design


is a creative design incorporating light(s) for special effect as an integral part of the design.



Anita Wallbaum's Award Winner

 GCI Miniature Flower Show

Parallel Design

A creative design in which three or more groupings of plant material and other optional components are placed in a strong parallel manner in a single container, on a base or both.  Multiple containers/bases may be used if combined so as to appear as one unit.  Direction may be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Lois Ware's Tricolor Award Winner

 GCI Miniature Flower Show

American Traditional Line-Mass Design

Adapted from European designs. Linear pattern established as in American Linear designs; however, more plant material is used.

Transparency Design

A creative design with see through elements (translucent, diaphanous, grid like, etc.) integral to the design and permitting some components to be viewed through others.

Claudia Buchanan BLue Ribbon.jpg

Claudia Buchanan's Blue Ribbon Design

2020 NGC Virtual Flower Show

Tubular Design

A creative design having dominant cylindrical forms throughout composed of any material.  Plant material and other components complete the design.

Karen Johanson's Blue Ribbon entry

GCI Miniature Flower Show

Debbie Z.png

Debbie Zonca's Award winning design for the GCI Flower show!

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