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Tips from the Treasurer

  • Tips from the Treasurer for GCI Chairmen

    • Use the GCI Expense Form (to download, click the link at the bottom of this page)

      • Available from the GCI office and GCI website

      • Include receipts

      • Check your addition

      • Include enough detail to properly categorize expenses

      • Printing and ink cartridges:

        • $0.10 per sheet allowed to cover printing & ink

        • Printing can be done at copier store or home printer

    • Speaker Mileage

      • IRS allows $0.56/mile business rate & $0.14/mile charitable

      • GCI suggests somewhere between $0.35-$0.40/mile

      • Work with your speaker to reach an equitable amount

    • School/Events Budgets (sample available)

      • Submit to the Finance Comm. at least 60 days prior to event, ensuring that it coincides with the Finance Committee meeting

      • Actual Income/Expenses due no later than 60 days after course completion.  Include all receipts.

      • Check requests should be sent to Treasurer at least 2 weeks in advance of event.  Send via email.  Include name for check and amount.

      • All checks received should be sent to GCI (not the Treasurer)

        • Document and copy/scan all checks for your records

        • Attach a note explaining what is included

        • Checks are made out to GCI

      • Be mindful of the expected profit to GCI (copy available)

    • School Chairmen

      • Send donation requests to the appropriate sponsors/Districts/Councils.  Request that they notify you if a donation is made.

      • Rhoda Evans request can be sent to Finance Chairman

      • Donors should be listed on cover of school flyer

      • Follow up, follow up, follow up!

    • Scholarship, Programs, Ways & Means, Garden Glories, Convention

      • Good tracking is a must!

      • Cash should be carefully counted and the Chairman can write a check to GCI for that amount. A detailed report should be sent with checks.

      • The report should be compiled listing items purchased and quantities purchased.  Cost per item is also useful.  Sales should be noted by quantities sold and sale price.  This will result in an inventory total which should match the report generated.


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