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Do you like to garden?
Are you interested in the home landscape - the environment?
Want to know about floral design?

Many GCI clubs welcome both men and women into membership. Some meet in the evening or on weekends. Most meet monthly and sponsor special events such as garden walks, flower shows, civic beautification projects, youth programs, and garden therapy. Each club is unique and sets up its own agenda within the framework of National Garden Clubs, Inc. goals and objectives.


Federated clubs are members of the state garden club (The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc.) and National Garden Clubs, Inc. Should you already be a member of a garden club not yet affiliated with the Garden Clubs of Illinois, suggest that your club consider joining us. There are many advantages to becoming members of a larger group. We provide program help, suggest projects, offer a variety of awards and scholarships, and send every club member copies of GARDENGlories, our state's award winning periodical. Our schools are open to anyone; but federated club members receive a discount on the fees.  Fees are reasonable and the instructors "top notch." 


Our member clubs are eligible for grants from our organization as well as from National Garden Clubs, Inc.  In addition, member clubs may receive monetary awards as well as ribbons and certificates from both organizations as well as the NGC Central Region.

Federated clubs pay dues to us which are due in June of each year.  GCI takes care of paying National Garden Clubs, Inc.'s dues as well as fees for the Central Region

It's more fun sharing your gardening expertise and learning from others. Garden clubs offer opportunities to make new friends and acquire new skills. No wonder our membership is growing. We hope to hear from you soon!


The Garden Clubs of IL, Inc.
188 Industrial Drive, Suite 120
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Phone: 630-617-9269



To learn more about starting a club, download this National Garden Clubs, Inc. document here:


For more information go to:


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