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Available Grants
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GCI Grants

GCI offers the following grants for the current year.  Monetary amounts will be re-evaluated each March for the upcoming fiscal year (April 1 through March 31).  Each grant may be awarded once per calendar year for any GCI club in good standing.

Blue/Gold Star Memorial Markers - $100

     Grants are given to defray the cost of installation or refurbishment of Blue or   

     Gold Star Memorial marker sites.

Garden Therapy - $50

    Grants are given to initiate and maintain garden therapy programs in hospitals, schools              and other institutional settings.

Historic Preservation/Restoration - $50

       Grants are given to defray costs of restoration or maintenance of gardens a historical         


Roadside Operations & Wildflowers - $100

       Grants are given to help clubs defray the cost of wildflowers and roadside plantings in         

        in their communities.

World Gardening & Natural Disasters - $50

        Grants are given to clubs that provide aid for areas devastated by natural disasters.

Youth Activity Grants - $50

        Grants are given to clubs who sponsor projects or activities with youth.  It may be used for expenses for an activity or project such as purchasing tree saplings to be planted for Arbor Day, craft materials or admission to a local arboretum, etc.  This grant is not limited to clubs  who sponsor youth clubs.  Any club involved with youth may apply.

NGC Projects - $50

         Grants are given to defray costs in NGC Projects.  Check the NGC Web Site          

         ( for a current listing and follow their directions.  A copy of the NGC

         Application, if NGC requires, must accompany the request.

Completed Applications should be sent the the appropriate chairman

Contact information can be found on the Members Only page of this website. 

In addition, their emails are on the Application form.

Please print clearly or use the fillable form!! A digital signature is acceptable.  Applications may be sent digitally due to the recent difficulty with the post office delivering items on time. Please do not submit screenshots from your camera!

Elgin moth.jpg

NGC is

Providing Financial Support to Club Projects

National Garden Clubs, Inc. has established a new grant program for clubs entitled PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants with a simple application process. The purpose of the grant program is to provide financial support for new or existing club projects in their respective communities all across the United States. This fund will be a permanent fund with grants being given for each two-year administration.

The first grants were  given during the 2017-2019 administration. Individual garden clubs that are members of National Garden Clubs, Inc. may apply for funds up to $1,000 for the direct expenses of projects.  Recipients of grants will be notified.  Current information can be found at the link below.

For an overview of available NGC grants, click below.

Roselle PA Peoject 9 jpeg.jpg

Espoma & National Garden Clubs INC. Want to

Plant America!

Members of  National Garden Clubs (NGC) are passionate about growing with a purpose and The Espoma Company wants to help. We’re looking for local clubs with vision that we can help bring to life. They're selecting clubs with projects  to receive a $250 grant for Espoma plant foods and potting soils.   

How Does it Work?

  • Simply complete the form on their website .

  • Be sure to attach ‘before’ photos and your plan

What Happens Next?

  • Espoma will select grant awards.

  • Selected projects will be directed to a local retailer for their product grant.

When Project is Complete

  • Send photos of your project site with work completed.

  • Forward local press information so we can send a press release about your good work.

What they will do with your Submissions

  • Share on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

  • Release to press for publication.

To apply or for more information go to :

Ames Tools.png



National Garden Club, Inc.’s grant program with The Ames Companies, Inc. began in 2014 and has continued through 2020. The Ames Companies, the largest manufacturer of garden tools in the U.S., includes tools in its in-kind grant program from a group of tools sized for children and a group of lighter weight and mid-sized tools which may be helpful for use in garden therapy projects. Most of these specialized tools were added to the list of standard gardening tools in 2018.

Ames sets aside garden tools, usually of a retail value of $4,500, available for local community gardening projects. NGC local member clubs are eligible to apply for a grant of Ames tools for gardening projects performed or supported by the club which are scheduled to be carried out March 1 through September 30 each year. Projects may be a joint venture with another organization, however the garden club applying must be a member of NGC. The application deadline is in the first quarter of the year, generally in March. Awarded tools are shipped to the successful applicants about two weeks following their notification as grant recipients.

Click below to learn about this project.

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