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Children Are Our Future

The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc and Lincoln Memorial Gardens have a long history.  Springfield resident Harriet Knutson had a vision for a tribute to our 16th President. She enlisted Myrtle Walgreen of  The Garden Clubs of Illinois.  The ladies presented the idea to landscape architect Jens Jensen and he created the design.Through the years The Garden Clubs of Illinois has contributed in many ways and continues today with their reforestation project.

In 2017, GCI President, Laurel DeBoer presented the idea of an interactive children's garden to LMG. She offered seed money for the project to LMG. Their Board enthusiastically embraced the idea.  Laurel and the next president, Anita Bierbaum, shared their vision for the garden which LMG ran with.  The following President of GCI, Marilyn Krueger kept us updated on the project's progress. Our current President, Diane Dawson, is excited to introduce your to the completion of phase 1 of this exciting project.


Plans for the children's garden have gone through several revisions since then to produce the site plan you see below. Ground is to be broken on August 1, 2023. LMG and GCI are extremely excited to see this project come to fruition!

The Garden Clubs of Illinois clubs continue to contribute to a fund for future plans for the garden.

CG site plan sm.png

Heading 2

Phase 1 broke ground in August of 2023

LMG 4.jpg
LMG 2.jpg
LMG 5.jpg
LMG 7.jpg

October 24, 2023

Footings for Observation Deck have cured and are ready for deck construction

lmg entrance2.jpg
lmg entrance.jpg
lmg decking.jpg
lmg decking 2.jpg

Entrance to building.  The Children's Garden is on the north side .

Bridge piers have been poured.

November 15, 2023

Joel Horwedel sent these photos!

LMG Bridge Piers.jpg
LMG Deck framing sm.jpg

Deck framing

Bridge piers have been poured.

LMG Upper are border sm.jpg
LMG Upper area border 2 sm.jpg

Upper area border.

January 1,2024

Christine Reameriz-Campbell and her daughter visited on New Years' Day

1-2024 LMG Photo 4.jpg
1-2024 LMG Photo 2.jpeg
1-2024 LMG Photo.jpg
1-2024 LMG Photo 3.jpg


Progress has slowed due to rain and snow but things are moving along.

Thank you to Gina Jacaway for these photos!

LMG Feb 24 b.jpg
LMG Feb 24.jpg

March, 2024

Things are taking shape.  We can begin to see some of the activity areas!

Thank you, Joel Horwedel, LMG Executive Director. for theses photos!

LMG March.jpg
LMG Mach Progress.jpg

March, 2024

Pancake Breakfast

Thank you to Christine Ramirez-Campbell who attended this year's pancake breakfast and took these photos

LMG pancake.jpg
LMG Pancake 3.jpg
LMG pancake 2.JPG
LMG Pancake 4.jpg
LMG Pancake 5.jpg
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