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Graduation Girls

Many inquiries have come in regarding the pocket calendars the scholarship has sold in the past.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the committee has not been able raise funds or produce a calendar for 2021.  Please consider donating to the scholarship committee.  We hope things will get back to normal soon.  Due to the lack of fundraising availability, GCI awarded one $4500 scholarship in 2021. 

Blue Star Memorial

Blue Star Chairman -  Kathy Rewerts


The Blue Star Memorial national project continues to be one of the most popular and appreciated projects of garden clubs throughout our nation. Members enthusiastically support it as a way to honor our service men and women, throughout our history, who have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedoms.  To learn more, click on the boxes below.


The latest Blue Star Memorial marker was placed by the Garden Club of Downers Grove GCI's 148th marker dedicated on Veterans Day, 2018 at the American Legion Post 80 in Downers Grove.

District IX is planning a marker to be dedicated in May 2019 in Mount Prospect.

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Bicentennial Marker.jpg
DG blue star 2.jpg

The Garden Club of Downers Grove dedicated a marker on November 11, 2018 at the Bradley Burns American Legion Post 80 in Downers Grove, IL. The date marked the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI.

Blue Star Dedication px from  Ohrn(2).jp

District IX Dedication on May 19, 2019

at the Mount Prospect train station.

Decatur Blue Star.jpg

Garden Club of Decatur Dedication VA Clinic Marker dedicated on June 14, 2018

Decatur Blue Star 2.png

Bicentennial Celebration Marker Bicentennial Blue Star dedicated Sept 7, 2018 at the southbound I-57 Illini Prairie Rest Area



The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. and its member clubs have placed 149 markers since the first two markers were placed along U.S. Route 40 in April 1948.  Most recently District IX placed a marker at the Mount Prospect traing station on May 19, 2019.  The Downers Grove Garden Club placed a  marker in November of 2018 and GCI placed a Bicentennial Blue Star Marker dedicated Sept 7, 2018 at the southbound I-57 Illini Prairie Rest Area;  and the new Decatur VA Clinic Marker dedicated on June 14, 2018 by the Garden Club of Decatur?  

Sewah Studios has announced price increases for the Blue Star Memorial Markers. Memorial and Highway Markers are now $1530. By-Way Marker plaques have increased to $510. The cost to restore a large marker remains at $800 and a replacement post remains at $325. Shipping is included in the prices.

Kathy Rewerts serves as Blue Star Memorial chairman for the Garden Clubs of Illinois. She can be reached for further information at or at her mailing address 841 CR700 E. Sullivan, IL 61951-6354. 

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Rules and Guidelines concerning NGC Awards may be found on the NGC website. The GCI Awards Book has been updated to reflect new awards.  Please read  the directions carefully and supply required information where indicated.  You may download a copy of the current GCI Awards Guide from the Awards page of this site.

IMPORTANT - Award applications should be submitted with the current year's cover sheet and follow the format indicated on the Awards page of this website.  Most awards: These three page applications are printed on front of pages only (as are GCI Award applications) and will not be returned, so make a copy for your records.  MANY MAY BE SENT DIGITALLY!  No plastic or binder report covers allowed.  Photos should be included (digital photocopies permitted) State awards are due on the same dates as shown in the current Awards Guide. Please only send Books of Evidence in for the Flower Show Awards or when specifically requested in the Awards Book for GCI.

We Continue To Be "GREEN"


Long before environmentalism became a household word, garden clubs throughout the nation have been practicing it since National Garden Clubs founding in 1929. Members have been in the forefront of the "Green Movement" by introducing recycling, organic gardening, wildflower gardens, elimination of invasive species, and many other ways to protect the environment in their home gardens and their many civic projects. They continue to do so.


In 1986 the first Environmental Studies School was introduced during the National Presidency of Illinoisan Violet Dawson. Since that time the Schools have been held across the United States under sponsorship of State garden club federations. Here in Illinois a new Series will begin. Prospective students may begin the Series at any time during the four course series.


The "Living Earth" Environmental Studies School is composed of a minimum of forty-four hours of study of specific units divided into four courses of eleven hours each. Every course contains nine (9) hours of specified units of study and a two (2) hour tour. At the conclusion of each course a written "Open Book" examination is given. After successful completion of all four courses the student will have earned the designation of Nationally Accredited Environmental Consultant. Students also may join the Environmental Consultants Council that meets on a regular basis for special field trips, speakers and the-like.


For further information on this School go to the Schools page of this site or telephone GCI Headquarters at 630-617-9269 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 AM to 3 PM.