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The past two years have flown by!  It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve as your president.  Thank you to all of the districts and individual clubs that invited me to your events.  What a wonderful opportunity to meet so many of you and learn about all the wonderful work GCI clubs are doing!

The Children's Discovery Garden at Lincoln Memorial started at the end of the previous President's term and the beginning of mine is still in the planning stages and we hope to break ground soon.  The Lincoln Memorial Garden is in Springfield, Illinois along Lake Springfield.  If you haven't visited, take a drive and visit the site started in 1939 with the help of GCI.


The incoming NGC President is Gay Austin.  She will be continuing the "PLANT AMERICA" program.  There are some wonderful opportunities available from NGC as well as other sources.  Check the NGC website for the deadline for this year's application.  While at the site, check out other grant opportunities from NGC partners.


As always, GCI continues to offer grants to our member clubs.  We have recently increased the  amount of two of our GCI grants.  Visit the grants page of this website for more information.  Each club, district or council may apply to GCI for each of the grants once a year.

GCI President 2017 - 2019

Anita Bierbaum

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