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2016 GCI Flower Show




“The Greatest Show on Earth”


Award of Horticultural Excellence won by Marilyn Smrcina


Growers Choice Award won by Lana Gernady


Growers Choice Award won by Bob Nicholson


Arboreal Award won by Carol Ohrn


Award of Merit won by Dawn Mozgawa


Award of Merit won by Laura Christensen


Award of Merit won by Gail Dias


Golden Clipper Award won by

June Vandervest and Lana Gernady




Class 1 - “Plate Spinning”

Blue--plus Club Competition Award

won by Diane Greenawalt


Class 2 - “Aerial Act

Blue won by Windy Weisenbum


Cladd 3 - “The Circus Comes to Town”

Blue--plus Petite Award

won by Saundra Stevens


  Class 4 - “The Ringmaster”

  Blue won by Joanne Larson


Class 5 - “Ringside Seats”

 Blue won by Kathy Rewerts


Class 6 - “It’s a Juggling Act”

Blue won by Laurel DeBoer


Class 7 - “Bearded Lady”

Blue--plus Tri-Color Award--plus

Award of Design Excellence

won by Krina Koenen


Class 8 - “The Tallest Man” 

Blue won by Kathy Jump


Class 9 - “Magic Act"

Blue won by Glenda Wolfsohn


Class 10 - “Three Ring Circus”

 Blue won by Donna Wagner


Class 11 - “Tightrope Walking”

  Blue won by Barbara Mc Neil


 Class 12 - “Bring in the Clowns”

      Blue--plus Designers Choice Award

won by Karen Gazarek

"Aerial Act" a Small Hanging Desing type II

by Windy Weisenbum

"Plate Spinning" A Functional Buffet Table

by Diane Greenawalt

"The Circus Comes to Town" a Minature Design

by Saundra Stevens

"The Ringmaster" a Small Design

by Joanne Larson

Marilyn Smrcina's Award Winning Entry!

Bob Nicholson shows off his winner!

Lana Gernady and Husband with their winnings!

Carol Ohrn shows off her winner too!

Marilyn Krueger welcoming  attentees

"Ringside Seats" A Capsule- Functional Table

by Kathy Rewerts

"Bearded Lady"  A Design

by Krina Koenen

"The Tallest Man" A Design

by Kathy Jump

"It's a Juggling Act"  An Exhibition Taple Type I

by Laurel De boer

"Magic Act" A Design

by Glenda Wulfson

"Three Ring Circus" A Tubular Design

by Donna Wagner

"Bring in the Clowns" An Op-Art Design

by karen Gazarek

"Tightrope Walker" A Stretch Design

by Barbara McNeil


“Circus Parade”

   Blue—plus Educational Top Exhibitor

Educational Exhibit - Hummingbirds

by Nancy Caroll




“The Photo Booth”


Exhibit 1—“Pantomime”

Blue won by Nancy Rodgers


Exhibit 2---“Clown Tears"

Blue won by Nancy Rodgers


Exhibit 3---“Perch”

Blue won by Roz Massel

Photo by Nancy Rodgers

Photo by Nancy Rodgers

Photo by Roz Massel

Hope you could attend the show!

Below are more images of the Horticulture Section.

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